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Imeila Fonua

It's Imeila's job to recruit mid-senior-level technical talent across a wide range of businesses, which is why he is known as the Senior Technical Recruiter. As a results-driven technical recruiter for both onshore and offshore talent with more than five years of experience, he is presently working at Meta. 

When it comes to working in high-level roles, Imeila Fonua has a stellar track record of success. He has worked as an Account Executive and as a Senior Technical Recruiter in his previous roles. Many people have complimented Imeila for his excellent sales, leadership, and organizational abilities, as well a dedication to innovative problem solution, throughout his career.

Meta is an internet publishing firm that focuses on developing technologies that helps people interact online. Additionally, the firm is a pioneer in the development of social media-enabled augmented and virtual reality experiences.

To each new work, Imeila Fonua brings a wealth of life experience and a proven track record of accomplishment. Employers have often praised him for his work ethic and leadership abilities, saying that he would be an asset to any organization. Mr. Fonua has a stellar track record as a top Technical Recruiter.

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